Moochula: Hope for da Hawksbills – Video

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Join the residents of the remote village of Gales Point, Belize on an impressionistic and immersive film experience celebrating their efforts to help conserve hawksbill sea turtles. Like many species of sea turtle, hawksbills are critically endangered due mostly to human impact. The beach at Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary is littered with trash, which makes nesting for the hawksbills extremely difficult. Local predators including skunks, foxes, and raccoons eat the sea turtle eggs and destroy their nests. From June to November, Gales Point turtle trackers conduct regular beach patrols protecting nests, rescuing turtles, and assisting hatchlings in making a safe journey to the sea.

On their annual visit to Gales Point, Dr. Todd Rimkus and his students from Marymount University join the community in rescuing Moochula, a stranded hawksbill seas turtle, and furthering conservation efforts by fitting her with a satellite tag and making her location data available for global tracking. →