Paleontology Interactive Displays

  • Exhibit

Calvert Marine Museum, Solomon’s, MD.

Paleontology gallery touch-monitor installation: visitors can browse through the collection of fossils displayed on wall. Fossils are accessed by scrolling through a geological time spiral or by selecting individual time periods. Sliding back and forth across time periods allows visitors to travel through time and see the contents drift. More in-depth information is available for each fossil, including its origin, date, description, and donor.

Paleontology Gallery Content Management

Museum staff can easily update the Paleontology gallery touch monitor installation using their personal computers and a small USB drive. Administrative gallery database is accessed through custom developed application. Fossils, text, and images can be added, deleted, or edited. Formatting occurs automatically. Time periods can be selected for automatic placement of entries. Connecting the USB drive to the exhibit computer automatically updates the gallery and all corresponding screens.